NAC to fund blood testing

By HealthTimes Reporter 

THE National Aids Council says it will this year fund the blood testing process in a bid to ensure the blood bank doesn’t get HIV infected blood.

The move comes at a time when Zimbabwe is fighting towards eradicating the killer AIDS which has claimed millions of lives in Zimbabwe and abroad.

Speaking on Star FM, NAC said, “The National AIDS Council  sees it fit that it fund blood test kits to ensure that anyone who needs blood transfusion, gets safe blood that is free from HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis.”

National Aids Council (NAC) has opened overnight HIV testing centres, as part of efforts to reach out to people with busy work schedules and those not keen on being tested during the day.

The new programme will be known as “moonlight” because the tests take place at night to help protect those who fear being stigmatised by being seen visiting the centres during the day.







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