Why You Should Drink Water In Winter

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Its official, winter is here and will be with us for quite some time!

In Zimbabwe, winter lasts for almost four months, that is from May to August leaving behind a trail of destruction which include respiratory ailments and unpleasant skin conditions.

According to experts, water makes up 60% of  the human body weight, meaning almost for everybody part to function properly, it needs a certain percentage of water.

During winter, most people suffer from severe dry skins and continuous headaches, the biggest reason to that is dehydration. Without water, the skin dries and wrinkles and at times restoring it to its normal state could prove to be a nightmare after winter.

Dehydration can cause mental problems, yes you heard me right. According to Ad-life beverages a Zimbabwean beverage and water firm, dehydration can degrade specific aspects of cognitive performance including visual vigilance, tension, anxiety, fatigue, and visual working memory.

Dehydration was also linked to negative mood rating, impaired motor performance and shortens memory.

Low intake of water causes severe kidney problems. It has been scientifically proven that higher water intake has a protective impact on the kidneys and there is initial evidence that Chronic Kidney Disease may be inversely related to higher water intake.

If you are having weight issues then water might be the magic bullet solution to your overweight problems. In fact, opting for water instead of sugary drinks can reduce weight and fat levels. Just drinking 500ml of water increases energy expenditure by 100kj.

Studies have also shown that the modest level of dehydration (2% of body mass) can result in around a 20% decrease in physical performance in temperate climates and up to 40% in hot temperatures.











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