An Ambulance For Each District Or We March- Activists

HEALTH activists mainly from Harare have vowed to take President Emerson Mnangagwa head on following government’s recent move to purchase more than 50 vehicles for Chiefs.

By Michael Gwarisa

Speaking to HealthTimes in Kadoma recently, Director of The Aids and Arts Foundation (TAAF), Emmanuel Gasa said it was time to send a message to government and the only opportunity the health sector will get to air their grievances.

“In this new dispensation lets not relax, this is the time for activism with a purpose. We need to take President Mnagagwa head on until he buys an ambulance for each and every district hospital in Zimbabwe.

“This is the only shot we got after 37 years and we cannot afford to miss it. We will be marching soon and to show our displeasure of the absence of ambulances in our health institutions,” said Gasa.

Gasa also added that displaced individuals in places like Caledonia were living of hand-outs from Non-Governmental organisations and the health conditions they were living under were deplorable.

However, government seem to be unfazed by the noise regards its decision to buy state of the range vehicles for chiefs.

President of the Chief’s Council, Chief Fortune Charumbira recently said Chiefs had a divine right to vehicles and anyone who opposes such a decision was anti Zimbabwean.

An activist from Saywhat also said the new dispensation was an opportunity to engage government while it’s still at its embryonic stages.

“As you are aware, the public health bill has now been gazetted and will soon be going for public hearings. We encourage everyone to take our part and bring in some input into this.

“If we don’t speak, no one will speak for us. Even key populations should take this opportunity to make sure government answers to our needs.”






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