Delta, Unilever Move In To Curb Cholera

LOCAL corporates, Delta Beverages and Unilever have joined in the fight against Cholera amidst indications that government has declared the prevailing Cholera epidemic a national disaster.

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The epidemic has killed not less than 20 people so far while another 2000 cases have been recorded in Harare.

Delta Corporate affairs executive, Patricia Murambinda said Delta had extended its “MAKE A DIFFERENCE” (MAD) campaign on combating post-consumer waste through an intervention to assist the cholera stricken Glen View and Budiriro communities.

“This is in line with the company’s BETTER & BRIGHTER WORLD integrated sustainable development framework. A total of 45,000 litres of clean water were delivered for domestic use to the residence of Glen View and Budiriro during the weekend of 8-9 September 2018, which will continue with daily deliveries for one more week.

“This small initiative is expected to galvanise key stakeholders such as Government, the City Council, fellow corporates and non-governmental agencies to mobilise resources to contain the spread of cholera,” said Murambinda.

In addition, to provision of clean water, the company availed a front-end loader to assist the City Council of Harare to remove refuse and solid waste that had accumulated in the area. Most areas of the two suburbs were cleaned as part of the Company’s CLEANER WORLD thrust to manage solid waste in the environment.

“Delta is committed to doing business in a way that improves livelihoods and helps build communities.”

Meanwhile, Unilever, through its brands Lifebuoy and Domestos, will also be shifting their hygiene awareness campaign from Gweru to Harare where there has been has a Cholera outbreak which has already claimed the lives of ten people and left others hospitalised.

The campaign will encompass visits to Glenview, Budiriro clinics, hospitals and community meet-ups to educate residents on hand-washing techniques, effective toilet cleaning and general health care with the hope of helping to contain the spread of the Cholera outbreak.

“We need to compliment government efforts to contain this Cholera outbreak. This outbreak comes at a time when we were fighting typhoid outbreak in Gweru. Hygiene measures such as handwashing with soap after visiting the toilet and before eating or preparing food have been cited by health experts as some of the most cost effective interventions to prevent diarrhoeal related disease,” said Hilary Muzondiwa, Managing Director of Unilever Zimbabwe.

“For this reason, we have found it prudent to educate the communities on hygiene and safety measure through our Lifebuoy and Domestos brands that are centred on public health issues.”

“We want to make sure we are playing our part in helping fight the Cholera and Typhoid outbreak by educating communities on correct hand-washing techniques and hygiene measures. We hope that this goes a long way in reducing the number of cases reported,” he said.

In the past, Unilever has successfully launched education campaigns to help communities reduce cases of preventable diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid with the recent campaign having been staged in Gweru. Their recent campaigns have equipped people with practical life skills that helped reduce the spread of health epidemics.

Unilever Zimbabwe’s Managing Director reiterated that the company is committed to encouraging healthy hand-washing behaviour and effective use of toilet cleaning products for improved health in our communities.

“We are advocates of simple and cost effective health measures. Prevention is better than cure and we extend our help to communities by giving them valuable hygiene  skills,” concluded Hilary Muzondiwa.









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