Female Inmates Go For Months Without Tissues

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FEMALE inmates at Chikurubi maximum prison have gone for several months without toilet paper amid revelations that the correctional institution is reeling under massive financial constraints.

Briefing a tour by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Woman Affairs, Gender and Community Development today (21/03/17), Superintendent Mary Chikarakara Misihairabwi confirmed the development said the prison was going through some turbulent times.

“As for sanitary pads, we currently don’t have a problem in that area, they were donated by some donors but we don’t have tissues (sic) and we are having to do with whatever paper comes along our way, we have not had them for some time now,” said Misihairabwi.

Mary Chikarakara-Misihairabwi briefing parliament at the tour

According to prison officials, the female section can house up to 320 inmates, but currently, there are 145 prisoners after a whooping 2000 female inmates received Presidential amnesty in 2016.

Of the 145 female inmates, 13 have babies while three others are expecting.

Zimbabwe’s prisons have a capacity to hold 13 000 prisoners, but presently there are 16 091 inmates, resulting in overcrowding.

At the female prison, 28 inmates are foreigners — five from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Malawi (20), Burundi (1), Mozambique (1) and South Africa (1).

While Malawi was facilitating repatriation of its nationals after serving their sentences, DRC prisoners were said to prefer remaining in Zimbabwe to going returning to their country.

Meanwhile, Sup Misiharabwi also told parliamentarians that the inmates had last had meat in December.
“The inmates last ate meat on Christmas day and since then, they have been eating porridge without sugar as their breakfast and they eat Mufushwa (Dried Vegetables) daily.”








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