STI Outbreak Hits Domboshava

By HealthTimes Correspondent 

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) by the name Drop has wrecked havoc in Domboshava, Chinamhora area at the Showgrounds with a number of young girls and commercial sex workers having been hospitalized as a result of the ailment, HealthTimes can reveal.

According to sources on the ground,  hoards of sex workers in the Domboshava have been admitted while some are still receiving treatment at Chinamhora due the STI.

In an Interview with one infected commercial sex worker who identified herself as Eunice, she said she started feeling an itchy sensation around her private parts a few weeks back but ignored the itching thinking it wasn’t anything serious.

Ndakatanga kunzwa kuvaviviwa but ndakangoti haizi nyaya hombe since munhu wese achimbovaviwa. Ndakazoona kuti ndarwara pandakoana ndakuita maronda ndichirasa imwe mvura yainhuhwa panhengo yango yangu. (I started feeling some itchy feeling on my private parts, i chose to ignore it since it happens  to almost to everyone at some point. I realised it was something serious when i started developing some sores and pimples around my private area which was followed by a smelly fluid discharge from my the vagina),” said Eunice.

Meanwhile, some sex workers who spoke to this publication accused Harare men for bringing this not so pleasant STI to their area.

“Varume vekuHarare ndivo vatikuwadza, haurambe kurara naye chero musina kudzivirira nekuti anege aflsha bag. Vanouya paShowgroung apa every weekend vachiita zvinorova. (Harare men are the ones bringing such infections here, you cant say no to unprotected sex to a man from from since they pay very well.  Every weekend they converge the Showgrounds area in search for cheap sex from the girls from the area.” said one sex worker who refused to be named.

Efforts to get a comment from Chinamhora Clinic sister in charge were fruitless as her phone went unanswered.










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