6 Things Every Guy Hates About Girls. #5 Is Shocking

1. Men hate spandex/leggings as pants!


Well, I’ll tell those men that for us spandex is the best as they keep our curves in the right places.


2. The common issue ‘pouting & plumping.’

Yeah! This can be an issue with men that they don’t like duck faces and fat lips, but this is how we look sexy.


3. Some men say that high waisted shorts and trousers make them think of their mothers and grandmothers.

Okay, let’s throw our high waist stuff in a trash!


4. Excessive make-up? This is what they don’t like!

Well, men think that to be too done up in hair, clothing makes a woman look fake and insecure.


On that note, I’ll say if this is what men want us like without make-up then why spend a good fortune in salons.


5. Women wearing shawls look like a blanket to men!

Hey come on, it keeps us comfortable and sucks our wobbly bits in.


6. Now men even don’t like words like bae and side hustle.



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