#BREAKING: New Twist To Harare Hospital Mortuary Saga

HealthTimes Reporter

HARARE Hospital has denied links to  media reports doing rounds of a woman who was wrongly pronounced dead only to wake up amongst the dead in  a Harare Hospital morgue a few months back.

Impeccable sources at the Health institution who spoke to HealthTimes professed ignorance of the occurrence  citing that such information could just emanate from a disgruntled woman who might have been either mistreated at the hospital and was paying back tarnishing the organisation.

“Such allegations can just come from someone who has an issue with the institution otherwise we never had such an incident here. If the case was genuine, why is she hiding her identity in the press and why isn’t she pressing charges.”

According to a story which came out in one of the weekly newspapers, the unidentified woman said she  had been admitted at Harare Hospital after collapsing due to profuse bleeding. It was recommended that she goes into surgery for a dilation and curettage (D&C).

When she was wheeled into the theatre, she felt  weak from the bleeding and when an anaesthesia was given she  did not go under. This prompted the anaesthetist to give her another shot and the rest is history.


Meanwhile, in a tweet, the Zimbabwe Medical Aid (ZIMA) hinted that they had contacted authorities at Harare Hospital and they also denied links to the story.
“Authorities at Harare Hospital inform us that they have no record of such an incidence @thestarndard get a comment from the hospital…” said the tweet from ZIMA.



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