SADC Medical and Dental Regulatory Association Takes Shape

By Michael Gwarisa

MEDICAL experts from six regional countries are gathered in Harare, Zimbabwe to deliberate and discuss the establishment of the SADC Medical and Dental Regulatory Association  which will act as a regulatory body overseeing operations of of the dental health sector.

Officiating at the meeting, Health and Child Care Minister Dr David Parliamentary said the government t of Zimbabwe was fully behind the formation of the Health and Dental regulatory body for the region.

“I am very excited, not only am i exited for Zimbabwe but for the region because you have taken this very important initiative for us. You know that regulation of the health profession is very key in preserving ethics and professionalism that is so wanted and desired in this region.

Health Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa sharing a lighter moments with delegates at the meeting for SADC member states on Health and Dental Regulatory Association meeting in Harare

“I am glad that you have together to look a that and see how it can become a SADC program. This actually fosters regional integration, we are aware that SADC is an economic thrust and we think health is so much of an economic area because without health, you cant produce economically,” said minister Parirenyatwa.

He added that the Health and Dental association would go a long way in reducing bureaucracy long channels that exist in the region.

“We envisage a situation whereby there will be free movement of medical professionals in the region to assist in areas of a much needed specialization for the benefit of our people.

“We hope this will shape the future of the SADC medical and dental regulatory association which is supported by the SADC health ministers.”

Meanwhile, the SADC Health and Dental Authority Chair Professor John Chisi said formation of the regulatory authority marks a great chapter in the history of SADC and all governments to support the initiative.

“Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in medical regulation in the SADC region. The medical regulatory authorities of Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia which met in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2007 for the harmonization on medical and dental curriculum agreed for the formation of the SADC Medical association.

Prof John Chisi SADC Medical and Dental Regulatory Authority Chair

“The meeting in November 2007, amongst other issues debated on the importance of establishing the SADC MDRA. which was then adopted at the last meeting. Today we want to see that we develop instruments which will guide our association. This body has tasked to establish collaboration amongst SADC member states,” said Prof Chisi.


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