SAZ Celebrates World Standards Day

By Michael Gwarisa

THE Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) will join the rest of the world in commemorating the World Standards Day on October, 17, 2017 which will also coincide with the SAZ 60th Anniversary celebrations to be held in Harare.

The celebrations will be running under the theme, “Standards make Cities Smarter” and will draw participants and attendance from various stakeholders.

Speaking to HealthTimes, SAZ Director General who is also President of the African Organisation for Standardisation, Dr Eve Gadzikwa said the celebrations have come at a time when Zimbabwe is driving towards positioning Harare towards attaining a World Class City status by 2025.

“Each year on the 14th of October, the members of IEC, ISO and ITU celebrate world standards day which is a means of paying tribute to the collaborative efforts to the thousands of experts worldwide who develop the voluntary technical agreements that are published as international standards.

“This year’s theme is Standards make Cities Smarter, and on the 14th of October every, this event is commemorated the all over. This year Zimbabwe through the national standards body SAZ, Zimbabwe will be celebrating World Standards Day on the 17th of October 2017 and in line with the theme, SAZ will be joining the rest of the world in commemorating this day,” said Dr Gadzikwa.

She added that the theme was relevant to Zimbabwe would see responsible bodies and organisations work towards driving Harare and other cities towards achieving modern day world class city status which address challenges facing modern day citizens.

“When we talk about standards make cities smatter, this indeed in line with the vision to ensure that as Zimbabwe, we make our country cleaner and that our country works towards ensuring that we have sufficient safe water, universal access to cleaner energy, the ability to travel efficiently from one point to another, a sense of safety and security.

“These are the kinds of promises that modern cities around the world must fulfil if they are to stay competitive and provide a decent quality of life to its citizens. Likewise, Zimbabwe is a full member of ISO, it is also an affiliate member of IEC, recognises these important global commitments and is also working towards building a smart country, and a smart City for the City of Harare.”

Meanwhile, SAZ has this year partnered with the City of Harare in commemorating the standards day in support of City of Harare’s vision of attaining World Class City status in the not so distant future.

“On this occasion, we will be commemorating the event through a number of activities, as we all know Harare has declared it will achieve the world class city status by 2025. The city of Harare has a vision of attaining a world class by this year of 2025 and as such, this year’s world standards day will be one that recognises that this should happen as an objective.

“As the capital city of Zimbabwe and the industrial and commercial hub, we have a mandate to provide world class services to Harare citizens and other stakeholders. Therefore we are excited about this opportunity to partner with the city of Harare and to work with the young people and ambitious citizens within our city and recommit ourselves so that motivate graduates within our cities that we partner towards creating a smarter city,” said Dr Gadzikwa.

The ISO secretary General Mr Sergio Mujica  together with the Zambian Bureau of Standards will also be joining the SAZ 60th Anniversary and World Standards Day celebrations in Harare.










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