Prof Moyo Under Fire Over HIV Comments

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Higher and Tertiary education minister Professor Jonathan Moyo is under fire from local medical practitioners following his recent Twitter post in which he insinuated that intake of ARVs and other life saving drugs could lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

Moyo’s Twitter remarks comes as a response to the ongoing drama within ZANU PF where by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is allegedly being roasted for saying he was poisoned during a Gwanda ZANU PF rally which resulted in him being airlifted to South Africa for urgent medical attention.

Prof Moyo’s Twitt

In a statement, Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZDHR) said Prof Moyo should desists from making baseless comments on medical issues which may lead to discontinued uptake of medicines by people living with HIV.

“The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights condemns in the strongest of terms the recent statements allegedly made by Prof Moyo on his Twitter account. The message which in our interpretation was part of his response to the ZANU PF’s circus over succession battles if wrongly interpreted by the public may lead to defaulting of ART, ill-informed fear to be initiated on ART and as a disincentive for HIV counselling and testing.

“ZADHR maintains that as the country strives to achieve its HIV 90/90/90 targets such irresponsible, unrestrained and misinformed assertions on ART that lead to a pervasive fear of ART usage must be publicly rebuked. The minister whose portfolio spans over the higher and tertiary institutions including the prestigious College of Health Sciences in Zimbabwe is strongly advised to seek information and knowledge from the rich body of knowledge and research on HIV and AIDS before making insensitive remarks on social media,”  said ZDHR.

ZADHR also called on members to ignore the baseless claims by Prof Moyo and seek professional advise from trained medical professionals and related institutions.

“ZADHR also wishes to redirect Prof Moyo, cabinet ministers and President Mugabe towards addressing the debilitating drug shortages in our hospitals and the spiraling economic decline.”






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