Safeguard Security goes medical

By Daniel Phiri

SAFEGUARD Security has partnered with Ace Air and Ambulance to offer life support ambulance services to its clients on the Rapid Response Service (RRS).

The partnership will see Safeguard clients in Harare and Victoria Falls getting access to ambulance services without having to produce a medical aid card during emergencies.

Although the service was introduced last month, already Ace has responded to about four medical emergency calls from Safeguard on behalf of its clients.

According to Safeguard chief executive Andrew Mallon, speed response is vital especially in medical situations, adding that paramedics in the ambulance will help stabilise the patient while transporting him or her to hospital.

“In a medical emergency speed of response is crucial. This partnership between Safeguard and Ace makes it possible for our rapid response customers to obtain help just by pressing a panic button. Our nearest response team will respond immediately and so will Ace.

“When the ambulance arrives the paramedics will stabilise the patient and transport him or her with life support to hospital. There is none of the hassle of having to produce a medical aid card or cash. There is no charge for the ambulance service,” he said.

Mallon added that the additional US$1 a month that their clients are paying will cover the cost of the ambulances services and that patients only need to worry about the hospital charges only.

The Safeguard boss added that “our customers’ lives are important to us. We would like to assist them not only when there is a security emergency but when there is a life threatening medical emergency as well. That is why we have formed this partnership with Ace.

“It is also why our medical emergency panic button is now standard on all our new alarm installations. Those who do not have the medical emergency panic button on our keypad connected to the alarm system can request us to connect it. We will connect it free of charge.

“However, even if the medical emergency panic button has not been connected, our medical emergency service can still be accessed by pressing the normal panic button and explaining it is a medical emergency when our response centre calls them,” he said.

While Ace ambulance service is only available in Harare and Victoria Falls, Safeguard says it has formed a partnership with another ambulance service for emergency transportation by ambulance to hospital in other parts of the country.

During a medical emergency the Safeguard rapid response client can press the medical emergency panic button on the Safeguard alarm keypad, where this button has been connected to the alarm system, or press the security panic button and explain when Safeguard phones that there is a medical emergency.

Safeguard response team, members of which are first aid trained, is then dispatched to their premises, while Ace dispatches an ambulance with two advanced life support paramedics on board.

The ambulance has on board life support equipment and the drugs needed for various types of medical emergency, which the paramedics, who are experienced and have undergone advanced paramedic training, utilise to ensure the patient is stabilised and remains in a stable condition throughout the journey to hospital.

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