Village Health Post For Nyanga Community

By Michael Gwarisa

THE ministry of Health and Child Care in partnership with Nyanga South Legislator Hon Supa Mandiwanzira this week commissioned the Bende Village Health Post in Inyanga as part of efforts by government to boost access to primary health care services in the area.

In an interview with HealthTimes, Nyanga South legislator, Hon Mandiwanzira said the Health post has come at a time access to basic healthcare services was a nightmare in the Nyanga, Bende community owing to issues ranging inaccessibility of the area by health care providers among a plethora of other factors.

“The post is an initiative to address primary health care. It’s meant to help people within a village context. So they are only walking a distance away from health service. It is a ministry of health concept and we have implemented it for the first time in Zimbabwe at Bende.

“Two nurses have already been deployed at the Health post. This is a welcome considering that the people of Bende have been isolated from health facilities because of their location. The community is on top of the Nyanga Mountain range and access roads are a nightmare. The community is super happy with opening of the post,” said minister Mandiwanzira.

He added that villagers from Bende used to get a mobile clinic from Nyanga District Hospital once a week but it was not consistent due to a limitation of resources.

Meanwhile, the Health Posts are being set up through an initiative dubbed “End Malaria Drive” and will see not less than seven Health Access Posts being constructed.

The Health Post in Bende will help thousands of villagers who used to travel for long distances to the nearest clinic. Telemedicene was also recently launched in Nyanga in a bid to eliminate geographical barriers since villagers could access professional health services through video conferencing.

The Telemedice was connected at Nyatate and Tombo Clinics.




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