Young Men Also Vulnerable To Prostate Cancer

HealthTimes Reporter

EVEN young men in their late 30s are susceptible to Cancer of the Prostate and should visit medical institutions for regular check-ups, a top cancer expert has said.

In an interview on ANN7 TV, Cancer Association of South Africa Official, Professor Michael  Herbest said Prostate Cancer was increasingly becoming a menace in younger generations owing to various factors chief among them being genetics, hormonal factors among others.

“Just a few days ago, the 2013 statics on cancer were released and revealed that over 7000 men were diagnosed of Prostate Cancer. However, these figures could may not be the final ones as some men are still not forthcoming when it comes to seeking health services.

“We always said that all men from age 50 should go for an annual PSA test, but if you have an increased risk of Prostate cancer, we can start at age 40 or less. If you have an family history of prostate cancer, a father an uncle or any blood relative who devolved prostate cancer you need to come forward. Even if there are cases of breast cancer in women in the family line, it still exposes men to Prostate cancer as the cancer gene will be running through their blood,” said Prof Herbs.

The Prostate is situated just below the urinary bladder and right at the bottom, and there is a little tube that runs through it. This tube comes from the urinary bladder,  it is also the one responsible for passing out urine.

This tube allows from flow of the ejaculate during sex, when this tube is affected, there is no flow of the ejaculate, the system will be blocked.

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