Free Blood For Pregnancy Complications…As Government Avails $4 Million Blood Subsidy

THE ministry of health and Child Care (MoHCC) has provided a $4,25 million subsidy to the National Blood Services  (NBSZ) that will see the cost of blood dropping from the current $80 to $50, a top ministry official has said.

HealthTimes Reporter

Speaking of the development, Health ministry permanent secretary, Brigadier, Dr Gerald Gwinji said the subsidy would go towards subsiding blood at public institutions.

“$4,25 million has been availed through the Health Levy to subsidise the cost of blood which was at $80 to $50 at public institutions.

“$8 million has also been earmarked from the same fund to make blood available for free to treat maternal related complications so as to reduce maternal mortality by half, from the current 36 percent,” said Dr Gwinji.

Maternal related complications refer to women who will need blood during pregnancy, miscarriages, during deliveries or after deliveries that is up to 42 days after giving birth or a miscarriage.




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