Speaker Calls For Increased Health Sector Funding

NATIONAL Assembly Speaker, Hon, Advocate Jacob Mudenda has slammed the 2018 National Budget which was presented late last year for failing to meet the Abuja Declaration target which stipulates that the sector should at least get 15 percent from total budget.

By Michael Gwarisa

Speaking during the 2018 Post Budget Seminar in the capital, Hon Mudenda said the health sector was critical and deserves meaningful allocation when it comes to budgeting.

“Without life, you cant do anything, without health you cant do anything, this ministry should have the highest allocation at most or at least complying with the 15% benchmark set by the Abuja declaration. I say this from a practical experience, i have had two relatives admitted at UBH in Bulawayo, and they were supposed to undergo an operation and guess what, they were no straps, there was no Morphine.

“Now this proposal is informed by the current deplorable state of the health delivery system. The health facilities are clearly not in sync with section 76 of the constitution of Zimbabwe which espouses the fundamental human rights in health care and provides as follows and i quote it, “1) every citizen and permanent resident of Zimbabwe has a right to access and have basic health care services including reproductive health care services, 2,) every person living with a chronic illness has a right to basic health care services for the illness, 3) no person may be refused emergency medical treatment in any health care institution,” said Hon Mudenda.

He also took a swipe a Doctors who refuse to treat patients for failure to pay upfront for their services even in public health institutions.

Meanwhile, funding for the health sector increased by 45% for the year 2018 to $408 million from the $248 million in 2017.





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