Chinamasa Cornered: Increases Ministry of Health Budget Allocation to $520 million

FINANCE minister Patrick Chinamasa was last night left with no option but to genuflect to the demands of Parliamentarians to increase funding for the health ministry from $408 million which according to Parliamentarians was way below the Abuja declaration target of 15%.

HealthTimes Correspondent 

Following pressure by members of the Portfolio Committee on health and other parliamentarians who were threatening not to pass the 2018 budget if did not increase funding to the health sector, Chinamasa had to bow down to pressure at the 11th hour, increasing the funding from $408 million to $520 million.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Minister Chinamasa said while he understands the mandate of Parliament, there is also need to realise that funds are not available.

“After consultation with Chief-Whips, I want to say from the onset that I understand that Parliament has its mandate but I want you to also understand that resources are not there and the worst thing I don’t want to do is to promise you huge amounts which will not be available.

“I don’t want to lie to you because the money is really not there,” he said

He increased the health budget from US$408 million to about US$520 million. Ministry of Health had requested a budget of about US$1.1 billion which they say is what is required to effectively delivery quality healthcare in the care.

Despite the increase, Chinamasa has once again failed to meet the Abuja Declaration demands for funding Health sector.

He said treasury is unable to allocate full amounts requested by ministries in their proposals arguing that the cake is too small compared to the demands.



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