Afrcom Introduces ECG Dongle Which Tests BP and Sugar Levels On The Go

Africom Zimbabwe’s converged network service provider is carrying out pilot tests for its heart and stress monitoring dongle, Africom Head of Commercial Simanga Madhlabuta has said.

The ECG dongle will be launched on March, 3 in Bindura and Africom says the launch of this device is part of their social mission: which is providing accessible and affordable health services through technology.

The ECG dongle interlinked to  a mobile application and cardio cloud services  allows you to measure the state of your heart and stress levels and then use the results at the recommended doctors or specialists

The dongle is convenient as most people are not able to access cardiologists concerning heart issues, it can be used by more than one person, affordable and is used for people from the age of 12 going up.

Most people fail to access these services because the costs are too prohibitive, but at $45 th, the dongle keeps one  updated on the status of your heart. The device   enables people to monitor their heart function and stress levels in the comfort of their homes at only $45

A cable connects the dongle to a smartphone with the ECG Dongle application installed from Google Play Store, the user is then required to the electrodes to the wires and place the electrodes on the body according to the color coded scheme then connect the witres with the electrodes to the dongle and connect the device to the micro USB connector on the mobile phone.

After the set up is done the user is required to relax and wait for stabilizatiob of the isocline on the screen and run the application fro the mobile phone and complete the record from 30 seconds to 10 minutes and save and send data to a physician to the cloud service

However a service analysis is paid then the cardiologist reviews the test results then the user gets back their results

A test run at the africom shop in the CBD showed how people are eager to own the device as it is convenient and many who flocked into the shop to have their heart tested have never visited cardiologist in their lifetime

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