Zim Men Furious Over Chinese Condoms-Minister

Zimbabwean men are complaining about small fitting imported Chinese condoms hence the need for local manufacturing of  appropriately sized ones, a Cabinet Minister said on Wednesday. 

By HealthTimes Reporter

Health and Childcare minister Dr David Parirenyatwa while addressing Zimbabwe Private Sector HIV/AIDS and Wellness board launch said Zimbabweans objected these condoms for their miniature size sending delegates into bouts of laughter.

Zipshaw’s mandate is to oversee HIV/AIDS and wellness programs and policies in the private sector.

These hilarious remarks come on the backdrop of the International Condom Day celebrations which the nation joined last week.

“We import condoms from China and some people complain they are too small,” the minister said.

The minister said the private sector could take advantage of this uproar to manufacture Zimbabwe’s own condoms. He also noted that youths now prefer certain condoms.

“But you know in this region the Southern African region, we have the highest incidence of HIV and AID and we are promoting condoms. Condoms both male and female. And the youths  have a particular type of condom that they like. But we don’t manufacture them. So Mr Manyakara, you want to be a big business, please manufacture condoms for the region,” he said.

He said nothing is impossible for Zimbabwe to export condoms in Sadc as back in the day the nation made syringes.

“For the region, and its not beyond us. We used to manufacture syringes, Mazongororo syringes if you remember years ago,” said Minister Parirenyatwa.

The Health minister also took attendants into the memory lane of pharmaceutical glory days.

“Yes I agree with us lets make drug manufacturing a key component of this government that we encourage drugs to be manufactured here. We had very big companies in Zimbabwe,CAPS it used to export 48 products and it shrunk. We are now looking for partners We have Datlabs, Varichem, these could be expanded,” said Parirenyatwa.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe is said to have the highest distribution of condoms which are barely used.

During the Condom Day celebrations held in Caledonia recently, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) assistant representative Abigail Msemburi represented by the UNFPA country director representative Dr Esther Muiya, said there was need to look into the issue.

“Public sector and social marketing male condom distribution and sales increased from a little over 20 million in 1990 to just below 120 million in 2016.

“As a result, annual female condom distribution and sales rose from just over 200 000 in 2005 to over 5 million in 2016.

“These condom distribution sales rates we experience in Zimbabwe are much higher than any other African country,” she said.

However, the UNFPA assistant representative also noted alarming levels of condom uptake.

“More alarming is the fact that condom utilization figures are much lower among young people in rural areas than in urban areas leading to high teenage pregnancies and new HIV infections.

“To address this situation, emphasis needs to be put on continued condom promotion, using awareness, raising events such as this one.

“These efforts must high the need for consistence and correct condom use in sexual relationship,” she said.





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