Japanese Gov Donates Towards X Ray Procurement In Hurungwe

THE Japanese government has extended funding towards the procurement of  new digital X-ray machines for Chidamoyo Christian Hospital in Hurungwe District, in a bid to build a more resilient health sector at grass roots level.

By Michael Gwarisa

The funding is part of the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security initiative  (GGP) valued at US$92, 418 million which was launched in 1989 and has seen a total of US$9 million being provided to over 118 projects.

Speaking during the signing ceremony in the capital, Ambassador of Japan to Zimbabwe Mr Toshiyuki lwado said the project was sustainable and would befit communities over a long period of time.

“This project is funded under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects Programme (GGP) with US $92,418 million. It is sustainable and will benefit many people for years. This project is also a first in the history of Japan’s assistance to Zimbabwe, it is the product of a partnership between a hospital and a private company coming together to provide high-quality Japanese equipment supplied by Flatbridge Medical.

“Its purpose is to support Zimbabwe’s development from the grass root-level and improve the human security of the people,” said the ambassador,” said Iwado.

The issue of access to primary healthcare services at grassroots level has always been a contentious issue owing to lack of resources and little investment towards the sector.

“Chidamoyo hospital located in Hurungwe district is the only Hospital between Karoi and Binga that provides affordable and high quality healthcare to a large patience population of around 30,00people and l learnt that even through these tough economic times, Chidamoyo continues to provide this in an innovative way by accommodating patients who don’t have enough money,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Japanese government has pledged to continue supporting Zimbabwe in its quest effort to provide an affordable healthcare especially to disadvantaged communities as one of the major sectors funded under the GGP programme. The purpose of the GGP scheme is to support Zimbabwe’s development from the grass-root level and improve the human security of Zimbabwe’s people. The project should be implemented thoroughly and in good time, through effective collaboration between the hospital, suppliers and community.

Chidamoyo Christian Hospital sister-in-charge, Kathleen Ann McCarthy applauded the government of Japan for the support and with the coming in of the new digital X-ray will help reduce the previous cost challenges they faced and it will boost up the services offered at the hospital.

“On behalf of the administration, staff and community of Chidamoyo Christian Hospital we want to express our gratitude for the support from the Japan government for granting us with this grass root human and security programme, which will provide a Fuji Digital Machine, as patients from Zimbabwe will benefit from this machine and will provide X-ray for each patient as needed.

“The new X-ray machine will provide quality and affordable healthcare to the surrounding communities. Currently the hospital has an analogue X-ray and this new machine will allow patients to obtain an X-ray for a much lower cost and it will provide high quality film at a low cost. We look forward for many years of the use of this machine with an improved quality of surgeries,” she said.






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