#BREAKING: Patients Beat Up Striking Nurses

NURSES at Chitungwiza central Hospital received a beating from angry patients and their relatives this morning (16/04/2018) after they had refused to attend to the sick citing the the ongoing industrial action as a reason.

HealthTimes Correspondent

Nurses downed tools in the early hours of Sunday morning after government had failed honor their demands which include bettering their  living standards and increasing their salaries.

A tour at Chitungwiza central and the country’s two major hospitals indicates that nurses were not determined to resume work and the situation could worsen especially considering that Harare is experiencing a serious Cholera situation.

However, patients and their relatives at Chitungwiza central hospital could be seen manhandling nurses demanding for medical attentiion.

“The hospital is collecting our money and after payment that is when we are told that nurses are not working today, we have resorted to violence because people need medical attention and in ward four which meant for people who need serious medical attention are not being attended to, and other patients whom we have seen here are being sent home and we are angry at nurses who have abandoned their duties,“ said  Revai Mushumi (35) who had accompanied his relative.

Speaking to Journlaists on the sidelines of the strike, Chitungwiza residents trust representative Alice Kuvheya said government should interven swiftly and address the nurse’s strike.

“We have received worrying reports of a strike by nurses at Chitungwiza central hospital. The situation is dire for Chitungwiza residents who are facing an outbreak of cholera, which needs adequate health personnel to manage.

“We implore on authorities to urgently attend to this crisis which can potentially lead to unnecessary loss of lives,” said Ms Kuvheya.






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