NBSZ To Open Another Blood Donation Clinic in Bulawayo

The National Blood Services Zimbabwe will open a new blood donation clinic in Bulawayo in July this year for easy reach to people living in the city.

By Kuda Pembere

Speaking to HealthTimes, NBSZ chief executive Ms Lucy Marowa said the centre will be closer to the people in Bulawayo.

“National Blood Services is opening a new CBD clinic in Bulawayo at the Post Office Building. It will start to operate on the First of July. This is to bring access to our beloved donors who find that the current centre which is at UBH and the one along 4 th street in the CBD are a little bit out of reach. This one is at the Post office which is more central to our blood donors,” she said.

She added that in the past they have been using caravans donated by NetOne.

“So we are saying that for us to be able to establish these centres in the CBDs , we started off using caravans donated by NetOne. Then we built up a blood donor base and then we eventually moved to more permanent dwellings.

“But we are grateful for is the concept of having blood donation to where the people are, which is the CBD which we managed to do through the generous donations of some caravans by NetOne. This has now given birth to the centre in Bulawayo and in Harare we have a fully operational centre at Joina City which started off as a caravan site along First Street in Harare,” said Ms Marowa.

NBSZ got a donation of $25 000 from NetOne to be used in its activities. NetOne it will be involved in the school campaigns done by NBSZ.

“Beyond the figure, we are also partnering them in every step as they carry out their campaigns. Every school that they visit, NetOne shall be by their side rewarding schools that donate the most blood,” said  NetOne chief executive  Mr Lazarus Muchenje.






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  1. Kate

    Where are you located in bulawayo?

    1. UBH Grounds, Khumalo, Bulawayo,

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