#BREAKING: Minister Mkupe Says Biti Is On ARVs On Radio

DEPUTY Finance Minister, Hon Terrence Mukupe today (24/May. 2018) stunned listeners when he  lashed at former finance minister, Tendai Biti saying he had forgotten to take his ARVs.

By Michael Gwarisa

The development occurred during the 326Express Star FM show hosted by prominent radio presenters Pathisani Sibanda and Kudzai Gwara (KVG).

Mukupe’s utterances were a response to Biti’s attack that he had come to the show in a stupor after Mukupe had according to Biti failed constructively discuss the economic and financial issues which obtained in Zimbabwe during the Government of National Unity (GNU) era.

Biti was explaining how an economy functions before Mukupe interjected saying he (Biti) was responsible for the domestic debt Zimbabwe was reeling under. Biti later responded by saying “We should never come to such stations as Star FM under the influence of alcohol.”

“Iwe ukundiudza zvekudhakwa, iwe ndambokuvhinza kuti wauya wamwa mapiritsi here. Iye akutaura zvekudhakwa, iye amwa maARVs ake here. (Biti you are telling me that i am drunk yet i never said you take ARVs.

“He should stop insulting me because i can also insult him the whole day, this is the second time he has insulted me but i remained quite. So can he withdraw that statement otherwise i also say whatever i have to say. You need to be professional Biti, you are saying i am drunk, i never said you take ARVs in public,” said Mukupe.

This is not however the first time a ZANU PF cabinet minister has publicly attacked a fellow politician over their HIV  status. Former higher and tertiary education minister, Prof Jonathan Moyo attacked President Emmerson Munngagwa at the height of the G40/Lactose wars saying the Vomiting and diarrhea he had experienced in Gwanda was not as a result of food poisoning but prolonged intake of ARVs.

Follow the link below to listen and watch the Biti/Mukupe fallout

Hon. Terence Mukupe and Tendai Biti on #326Xpress

Hon. Terence Mukupe and Tendai Biti on #326Xpress. ?660897 660299, 0772162651, 0714414413

Posted by Star FM on Thursday, May 24, 2018




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