Traditional Healers To Patent Medicines

TRADITIONAL healers are working towards patenting as well as improve on the packaging of traditional medicines and herbs in a bid to protect their works against duplication as well as keep in touch with developing business trends.

By Michael Gwarisa

Speaking at a Zimbabwe National Practitioners  (ZINIPA) meeting in Harare, ZINIPA founding President, Mr  Friday Chishanyu said it was time traditional healers move from old ways of doing business if they are to realize meaningful profits from their works.

“We want to patent our work so as to avoid duplication of traditional medicines which in turn makes us lose out on a lot of revenue. We also want to package the medicines in a manner that makes them attractive to the eye so as to boost consumer confidence.

“Our local traditional medicines have been overtaken in terms of packaging by Chinese products and others which have flooded the market yet we have some of the best tried and tested medicines and herbs the world over,” said Mr Chishanyu.

Zimbabwe is currently under siege from herbs and medicines from the far East which have gained confidence among locals. Medicines such as Tsunami which some claim can heal more than 2000 ailments, Congo dust, an Aphrodisiac, Ginger Tea among other have received overwhelming use by locals.

“We want to move with technologies, we want a situation whereby our practitioners can actually enroll in institutions of higher learning just to study traditional medicines.

“We have registered our members with Funeral and life assurance companies and we are working with Econet wireless to also introduce members to products such as car tracking, home security among others just to ensure they are  abreast with the developing trends.”

Meanwhile, 80 percent of the global population rely on traditional forms of medicines while 80 percent of Zimbabwe’s population also rely on the traditional medicines.






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