President Salutes Zimplats…As Company Refurbishes Kadoma Hospital

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday applauded giant Platinum mining company, Zimplats for refurbishing Kadoma General Hospital in line with modern day Universal Health Care (UHC) standards.

By Michael Gwarisa in Kadoma

Officiating at the handover ceremony and commissioning of equipment and refurbishment works at  Kadoma Hospital, President Mnagangagwa said there was still an infrastructural gap in the health sector and the refurbishment of Kadoma hospital by Zimplats was a wake-up call to other mining companies to also invest in health infrastructure.

“In this world, economic performance and growth are vital in defining business success but organisations are challenged to ensure that they impact and transform lives in the environs where they operate.

“I am pleased that Zimplats have headed to my corporate call by my administration for the corporate sector to be active players in the modernization and industrialization agenda as we seek to build a new Zimbabwe, a new dawn, a prosperous Zimbabwe for our people,” said President Mnangagwa.

He added that Kadoma hospital was part of the over 1 600 network of public health facilities in Zimbabwe and forms an integral part of the referral system in the health sector where some people from other smaller health centres and the first port of call for victim of road accidents due to its strategic positioning.

“My administration is aware of the need to provide adequate medical services with requisite medical professionals, modern furniture, medicines and drugs equipment and the latest technology in line with international standards. Due to various compelling obligations and limited fiscal space government cannot go it alone and thus welcomes partnerships and collaborations with private players such as Zimplats in the provision of requisite infrastructure, social amenities and medical drugs inn hospitals.

“To that end, I exhort other mining concerns in our country and the and private sector to emulate this sterling work done by Zimplats to engage in corporate social investment programs responsibility responsibility that meet the needs of communities around which they operate.”

Zimplats refurbished the water reticulation, sewage systems, water heating systems, parameter security fence, laundry systems as well  driveways, roads among other at the tune of $2.5 million.

Health and Child Care minister Dr David Parirenyatwa said the move by Zimplats was in line with governments efforts to achieve quality health care through infrastructure development.

This is now a challenge to other mining companies to follow suit as we strive to improve our health delivery service. Your excellency, you have instructed us and have shown commitment to improving health service delivery countrywide  and as you are aware infrastructure plays and pivotal role.

“The government through my ministry has engaged various stakeholders, and these have expressed interest and willingness in provision of adequate and well maintained healthcare infrastructure. So the gesture here by Zimplats at Kadoma is highly appreciated and as a ministry, we are humbled. We have various projects lined up that are specific to improvement of our infrastructure,” said Dr Parirenaytwa.

He also hinted on the construction of a new Harare Central Hospital which will hold a total of 1 200 beds as the ministry aims to eradicate recurring issues of beds shortages among others.

Meanwhile, Zimplats Chief Executive Officer, Mr Alex Mhembere said the Kadoma hospital refurbishment was a one some of the many life changing programs they have embarked on as a way of giving back to society.

“Implementation of community projects such as building of schools, clinics is part the work that we do. The national campaign in support of people living with albinism and most recently we launched a project to do with artificial insemination to improve the cattle heard in ,Mat North, Mat South, midland and Mash West provinces.

“Zimplats supports and shares the aspirations to grow and diversify the PGM industry and continues to engage with government in programs of indigenisation and beneficiation, to this end together with other platinum producers we are leading the process of developing the grand strategy for platinum beneficiation in the country which we will share with public once we have finished the ongoing consultations.

“Its is against this background and within the context of care and respect that Zimplast has undertaken the project at Kadoma hospital to the value of $2.5 million. In November 2017, government brought to our attention the plight of the people Kadoma following that we did a visit to the hospital together with the Permanent secretary of health and we did witnessed and confirmed that indeed the situation was desperate,” said Mr Mhembere.

Meanwhile, Zimplats has also taken on board various health initiatives which include the HIV and wellness programs for its employees and community members, refurbishment of other health centers such as Chinhoyi hospital, construction of clinic at Turf in the Mhondoro Ngezi area.







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