How to care for your Butterfly Cup

When you receive your Butterfly Cup it is essential that you sterilize it before using it. There are 4 methods for sterilizing the cup:

1 Put a pot of water on to boil. Once boiling you can place the Butterfly cup in the water and continue to let it boil for a few minutes. After 5 minutes remove the pot from the heat and remove the cup.

2If you are not able to place the cup in a pan on the stove, it will be fine to pour boiling water into a clean can, add the Butterfly Cup and soak it for 5 minutes. Remove the cup and dry it thoroughly

3 You can also sterilize the cup in 1 part vinegar to 9 parts water. Use your cup as a measure and pour the vinegar and water into a glass or clean tin before adding the Butterfly Cup. Soak for between 5 and 15 minutes.

4) Alternatively you may purchase Milton sterilizing solution and follow the instructions on the packet.

Once you have sterilized your cup, you must ensure it is “air dry” before placing it in the white Butterfly Cup bag provided. If there is moisture left on the cup it can cause the bag to take on an odour. Do not put your cup in an air tight container. Now your cup is ready for you to use as soon as your period starts.

During the day it is not necessary to wash your Butterfly cup but you may wish to rinse it with clean water between removing and reinserting it. For this, you can take a small bottle of water into the toilet with you or use a clean cloth to wipe the cup. However, you will see that the cup is already clean, with no blood on the outside of it.

At the end of the day you need to wash your Butterfly cup with clean water and a little soap. You may want to do this whilst you take a shower. Make sure the holes at the top of the cup are clean and there is no residue of soap left on the cup.  It is now ready to be reinserted.

Frequently asked questions and answers

 1 Can using the Butterfly Cup leave me at risk of getting an infection? No. In fact, the Butterfly Cup keeps your vagina at the healthy acidic pH value of between 3.8 and 4.5 which is the optimum level for destroying any bad bacteria. As long as your follow the care instructions there is no risk of getting an infection.

2 Can I sleep with the cup in place? Yes, you can sleep with the Butterfly Cup in place. Most women do not need to empty the cup during the night and do not experience any leakage.

3 Is there any odour when using a Butterfly Cup? No, there is no odour when using a Butterfly Cup. Blood only smells when it is in contact with oxygen. The seal formed by the cup and the wall of the vagina prevents any odour occurring.

4 Can I use a Butterfly Cup with an IUD? Whilst most women have no difficulty in using the two together, we strongly recommend discussing this with your doctor before using a Butterfly Cup and to check  monthly that your IUD has not moved.

5 Can I use the Butterfly Cup during sexual intercourse? No, you should remove the Butterfly cup before engaging in sexual intercourse.

6 Can the Butterfly Cup prevent me getting an STD? No, the Butterfly Cup will not protect you from contracting an STD.


7 Can I use the Butterfly cup as a form of contraception? No, the Butterfly Cup is only to be used as a sanitary wear and will not stop you from getting pregnant.

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