Can A Butterfly Cup Be Used From The First Period?

It is possible for a girl to use a Butterfly Cup from her first period onwards and there are numerous advantages to doing so.  A Butterfly Cup is hygienic, safe, cost effective and one cup is all you need for the next 10 years.

The Butterfly Cup can be purchased in advance and a girl can practice using it before she gets her first period so she feels confident and at ease with how to insert and remove the cup prior to the arrival of her period. In fact we recommend this even for adults to ensure the best possible experience with the Butterfly Cup.

The average age for a girls to start her period is between 10 and 14 but some girls can start as young as 8 years old. Apart from the obvious signs of puberty such as widening hips, breast development and pubic hair, there may be little or no warning of when a girl is going to start her menses. It is therefore important for girls to receive a comprehensive education about puberty and what menstruation means as well as providing suitable sanitary wear in advance of her period for her to feel calm, in control and prepared. Whilst education at school is important, puberty is a confusing and sometimes frightening time for young girls. Having the support of family members at home, who are knowledgeable and open to discussing menstruation is essential for girls to mature with confidence

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