When can you use a Butterfly Cup?

The Butterfly cup is designed to give you the best experience, no matter what your lifestyle. By creating a seal with the wall of the vagina, the Butterfly Cup holds menstrual blood inside the body.

This means there is no odour and no leakage.

Combine this with the length of time a Butterfly Cup can be kept in place without needing to be emptied; 8-10 hours, and it is easy to see that the Butterfly Cup is able to support most women in most situations.

Whether this is a lady picking tea in the Honde Valley or a girl spending her day at school, an executive jetting across the world or a doctor on an 8 hour shift, a woman traversing the country by bus or a tomato seller in town, a long distance runner or a teenager enjoying a long sleep.

The Butterfly Cup allows women of all ages and all walks of life to enjoy sport, sleep, work and play. It gives a girl the freedom to continue her life as normal.

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