Graffiti Artists Use Calligraphy To Communicate Cholera Awareness

A local Calligraphy organisation, has embarked on an extensive Cholera awareness campaign in affected areas using Graffiti and murals so as to simplify the Cholera message.

HealthTimes Reporter

Speaking to HealthTimes, Kumbirai Zvinavashe said Cholera was a national problem and everyone needed to come through in any way possible to ensure the issue is addressed.

“We are a media company which drives on doing Graffiti advertising, so Graffiti advertising is one of our tools that we feel it works better in terms of also addressing or selling issues.

“Considering that we come from where cholera is rampart, we said what other better we would use in terms of teaching or raising awareness than using art. So what we do is we choose a hive of activity or an areas say close to the shops and y place our mural (art) out there,” said Zvinavashe.

He however added that they were appealing to partners to come through in the form of funding and partnerships so as that they can run an extensive Graffiti campaign in almost all the areas which have a high risk of recording Cholera.

“We are calling out for partnerships from different organisations, be it Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) corporates, individuals who want to partner with us in creating this mural so that we also play our role using the media of our own understanding to bring about awareness in a language that most people understand.

“Given whatever resources that we have, we are going to do our best to ensure that our first mural will be up by Tuesday (18/09/2018) in Budiriro. We are looking at Glenview and definitely Chitungiwza, what we want to do is to create about 96 murals and we will be constantly having these murals in all high populated and high risk places.”

For partnerships or inquiries, please contact Kumbirai Zinavashe on 0775 047 438, or reach them on Facebook @caligrapgh, Twitter @caligrapgh and Instagram




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