NetOne Rolls Out SMS Campaign To Fight Cholera

THE country’s second largest mobile network operator, NetOne has initiated an SMS campaign meant to raise funds towards combating the obtaining cholera epidemic which has claimed not less than 35 lives and infected 7800 others.


By Michael Gwarisa

Speaking to Journalists on the side-lines of a NetOne organised clean-up campaign in Budiriro, the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr Brain Mutandiro said the SMS campaign would also compliment the one million  litres of water they have donated to the Cholera epicenters in Budiriro, Mbare and Glenview.

“We are demonstrating our oneness with the community, we have responded to the scourge of cholera that has affected them. We are  here to clean up the place,  donate some water and some tanks just to show them that they are not alone and together we can combat this disease.

“We are donating a million litres of water, on top of that, we have also started an SMS campaign through NetOne whereby for every SMS sent, we donate one cent towards this cholera fight so that there is a sustainable cholera fund to assist in all the efforts,” said Mr Mutandiro.

NetOne’s gesture comes at a time when more corporates have also come on board to fight the cholera epidemic throughout the country.

Meanwhile, NetOne’s  Public Relations and Marketing executive, Dr Eldrette Shereni said citizens have to deliberately practice hygiene in their homes and communities to avoid recurrence of cholera and other medieval diseases.

“The million litres in clean water will assist the residents in cooking, cleaning and other things. Step number two, we need to inculcate a culture of cleaning up after ourselves because really, it has to start with us. So today we have come symbolically to Budiriro community to also show them that we are with them to encourage them to pick up litter.

“Remember some of these disease like cholera starts with the uncleanliness and the the litter around us. We have also donated some tanks so that the people will have access to clean water. We have also put up a tank in Matapi in Mbare.”

She added that the one cent SMS drive will go a long way in sustaining a cholera awareness campaign.


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