Citizen Health Watch To Host Patients Summit

CITIZENS’ Health Watch (CHW), a citizen centred health watchdog is set to host a Patients’ Summit on Adolescents Sexual and Reproductive Health on October 10, 2018 in the capital Harare.

HealthTimes Reporter

The summit which will be held at Cresta Masasa will run under the theme ‘Start with the Patient and Leave No One Behind’ and will be followed by a Nurses awards ceremony in the evening.

Speaking to HealthTimes, CHW trustee, Fungisai Dube said all was in place for the summit and it will focus on experiences of adolescent’s mothers at health institutions.

“The summit will be held at Cresta Masasa in Harare and will start at 830am. The summit is not only a platform for CHW to give feedback to health stakeholders on the quality of health service delivery and levels of client satisfaction.

“It is also a platform for health clients and health consumers to share experiences, challenges and success encountered in accessing health services with a view to influence policy and direction of our health care provision. This year ,the summit will focus on the experiences of adolescent mothers under the theme ‘Start with the Patient and Leave No one Behind,” said Dube.

Over the past three years, CHW has been implementing a project on monitoring Maternal Health with authority from the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC).

“The proposed summit is CHW’s annual event in which patients will take a leading role. It is a milestone opportunity for stakeholders in healthcare to come together in co-articulation of issues and co-creation of solutions for health challenges being faced by adolescent mothers.

“The summit will thus bring more than 100 adolescent mothers with experiences to share on the challenges and successes of Zimbabwe’s adolescent health service delivery system. An Adolescent Diary, which captures the stories and experiences of adolescent mothers CHW interacted with, will be presented to further buttress the discussions on the day.”

She also said the Civil society stakeholders and development partners will be invited to this event and they have worked with the Ministry of Health and Child Care in convening this event.

“The Ministry of Health and Child Care, through its representatives will be key discussants in most of the discussions at the summit. On the same day in the evening, starting at 6pm, we intend to convene a Star Performer: Patients’ Choice Nurses Awards Ceremony, an event that will honour outstanding patient friendly nurses in the maternity and FCH departments as identified and voted for by patients receiving services in respective institutions. We will honour one nurse with the highest votes per province.”

The idea behind the Nurses Awards is to show citizens’ appreciation for nurses who put that extra effort to make our health care experiences comfortable and memorable. These are meant to encourage Zimbabweans to appreciate openly the good work done by some of our health care providers.

CHW has a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health and Child Care that allows our 170 heath monitors unhindered access to all public health institutions across the country’s ten provinces. The MOU was crucial for CHW to be able to have legitimate access to these health institutions.  The Ministry of Health and Child Care we believe recognised and appreciated the need for an independent monitoring mechanism to promote transparency and accountability.

CHW is guided by the immense belief that the country’s citizens, whether using health facilities directly or indirectly at any given point in time, have an important role to play in bringing and keeping the attention of health system players on the diverse health care challenges which range from critical weaknesses and shortages in the system to care complacency. The Patients Summit is an opportunity for ordinary health care users to question and commend government policy and strategy towards delivery of patient centred and patient friendly health services.






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