US Govt Injects $750 000 For Zim’s Fight Against Trafficking

The United States Government has over the past years injected into Zimbabwe $750 000 in the fight against human trafficking.


By Kudakwashe Pembere

US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Nichols addressing delegates at a Human Trafficking Discussion said human trafficking was an increasing phenomenon the world over with most victims being third world countries’ citizens.

“The United States Government is supporting Zimbabwe with $750 000 in anti-trafficking assistance that goes to victim services, awareness, referrals, aligning legislation, and building regional capacity,” he said.

US Harare Embassy Political Officer Ben Wiselogle further explained that across the region, the US Government since 2015 pumped in US$3 million.

“The US$3 million has been injected into anti trafficking programs. These include the awareness, parliamentary capacity building a holistic approach to combating human trafficking. Its $750 000 for Zimbabwe.

“It’s been over the past three years. Some of these projects have started out of the $3 million. So $750 000, that’s what the US Government over the past three years,” he said.

International Organisation for Migration (ILO) Project Manager Daniel Sam said from the Kuwait cases, they have so far assisted 167 victims with capital for income generating projects.

“From the Kuwait cases, there were closes to 200 cases involved specifically we had 167 and we supported 100 through integration, projects. They had their tailor made or individualized projects. They came up with their own projects such as poultry, others wanted to go to school, those who wanted to do catering and hospitality, business studies,” he said.

Sam added, “ So we supported 100 initially and currently as I am speaking there are about 22 that are also being supported through assistance from our global assistance fund that IOM uses to fund.”

Speakers during the event said there is need to raise more awareness on this sensitive issue even to the law enforcers who appeared ignorant.

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