Chinese Built Mahusekwa Hospital Develops Cracks

THE $6 million built Mahusekwa Hospital also known as the China-Zimbabwe Friendship Hospital is developing some cracks throughout its ceilings, floors and walls,  due to poor workmanship during the first phase of the project, a district health official told HealthTimes in an exclusive interview.

By Michael Gwarisa recently in Mahusekwa

The visible crevices on the three-column, two-storey structure have seen residents panic in fear for their safety. The hospital was commissioned in 2013 and was built under a Chinese aid project to help Zimbabwe provide quality health services in the countryside, where 70% of the population live.

The Floor at the main entrance of the hospital (Pic by Michael Gwarisa)

In an interview with the Medical Officer at the Hospital, Dr Munyaradzi Muzamhindo he said first phase of the construction job might not have been probably done but the cracks were not life threatening yet and everything was under control.

“The first job was not done thoroughly I would say. We are however working flat-out to fill up the cracks, already the construction team is on the ground doing their job.

Staircase Walls (pic by Micheal Gwarisa)

“The situation is not yet worse, the cracks are not yet life threatening as far as I can say,” said Dr Muzamhindo

By merely glancing at the three-column, two-storey hospital from the front, one is tempted to admire the finest architecture and aesthetic beauty. When the HealthTimes news team visited the hospital, a team of contractors and builders were working flat out to cover the crevices ahead of the First lady of Zimbabwe, Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa’s visit to the institution.

Man working painting the walls (Pic by Michael Gwarisa)

“The hospital looks beautiful from the outside, just get closer and see for yourself the cracks through out this structure. The front looks nice but as you move to the maternity ward and kitchen side you will see what I am talking about,” said a 75 year old granny who only identified herself as Mbuya Godhi.

Cracked walls being gap filled (Pic by Michael Gwarisa)

A tour of the facility by HealthTimes however confirmed the old lady’s fears as the backside of the structure is ridden with fissures and builders were still busy filling up gaps. Construction and supply of medical equipment of Mahusekwa hospital took about two years to complete.

The hospital was part of the 30 hospitals China pledged to build, along with 30 malaria control centres across Africa at the first summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in 2006. It was followed by a pledge to further donate $79 million worth medical facilities and medicines to these aid projects.

The hospital however has some state of art medical equipment. The institution has a staff complement of 175, including three medical doctors, the Mahusekwa hospital serves people from distances as far as 200km away. Some even come from Harare.















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