BREAKING: Magaya Apologises

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance church leader Prophet Walter Magaya says he rues the hasty announcement of his ‘HIV-Cure’  without following proper channels.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

This ‘crying over spilt milk’ came with a retraction of his controversial HIV claims. Prophet Magaya said he later realised that his nerviness it was mindless as he ignored the relevant  authorities responsible for clearing a drug or medicine fit for distribution and retailing in Zimbabwe .

He apologised at the Ministry Of Health and Childcare and PHD Ministries joint press conference on Thursday.

“At the same time I carry a very important apology to the Ministry and public at large and organisations. I, after discovering what I discovered which was tested in India, holding the report it was overwhelming and I went on and announced what I was carrying without taking note of the authorities in Zimbabwe.

“According to what I have learnt, the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe, the regulator was supposed to scrutinize, analyse and be satisfied with what I was doing before I prematurely announced. The apology that I am carrying is the apology to say we rushed to announce what I was carrying without the authority approving it,” he said. “In this retraction and apology it shows that I regret what I did.”

He reiterated that he never encouraged anyone to stop their HIV medication.

“And I also want to emphasise that even the day I announced I never said people must stop taking ARVs. That is not the line to say, or side to say. One must follow the procedures of the doctors.”

He said they are working closely with the Health Ministry.

“But at the same time, I want to salute the Ministry which has handled me like a child and showed me the way. I can rightfully say as I stand right now , we agreed. They are working with us 100 percent to come up with a true position in terms of the rules and regulations of Zimbabwe pertaining health and other medicine laws,” he said.

The public alongside several health stakeholders like the Zimbabwe Doctors For Human Rights demanded the PHD frontman to renounce the HIV Cure statement.

“I appreciate what other boards are writing to say I must retract which what I’m is doing right now,” he said addressing journalists at a joint press conference on Thursday.

Health and Childcare Minister Dr Obadiah Moyo said they had a meeting with various concerned stakeholders including the Prophet who realised his declaration would have made an undesired impact on his popularity and the general population.

The Minister noted that his medication has not been approved.

“However he now appreciates there are regulations to be followed which is very good. and because of that we want to continue emphasing to the population that whatever antiretrovirals that you were on please carry on taking them. Prophet Magaya’s medications are not yet approved. yes he has got the claim on the basis of the research which was carried out in India. But that was in India and not Zimbabwe, ” Dr Moyo said.

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