BonVie Launches Electronic Claims Switching Platform

Zimbabwe’s medical aid scheme BonVie  on Thursday unveiled its electronic claims switching platform which enhances the time taken to process payments.


By Kudakwashe Pembere

From the days when processing a claim took 90 days, to 30 days this system takes less than 15 days.

The technical partner for this platform is New Health 263 which provides expertise in managing it.

Health and Childcare Minister Dr Obadiah Moyo was heartened at the launch of this platform seeing the health industry adopting technology solutions.

“This morning we are here to launch the health industry partnership to promote the use of internet and various allied technologies to verify medical aid membership status, authorize treatment and dispensing of medication, submit claims , process and online payment. This is indeed a significant step in Zimbabwe’s healthcare industry’s development particularly on timely payment for consultation and treatment services,” he said.

The Health Minister went back in the memory lane reminiscing days when the medical aid had the manual submission of claims.

“Ten years ago, the health industry in general and medical aid sector in particular was relying 100 percent on manual submission of claims. Being made up of a pool of local medical aid funders, hospitals and clinics, specialist doctors, general practitioners, laboratories, pharmacies and ancillary services providers, it is a credit to see that at least 50 percent of private healthcare providers now have active IT facilities, are managing their clients with improved efficiency and have automated claims submission and processing through the switching process.

“The medical aid sector is to be congratulated on progress thus far,” he said.

He called on the implementing partners New Health 263 to engage the Public sector as well.

“As a ministry, we are constantly looking at new IT models to assist even Government owned medical service providers like our hospitals and clinics to either commence or improve their IT intensity knowing the positive payoffs that will emerge at the facility.

“We are therefore challenging vendor suppliers of IT based health solutions not to leave Government owned entities behind,” he said.

Demonstrating how convenient the platform has been to them since they started using it was Bonvie’s claims manager who said since going paperless, the time taken to process claims has been drastically reduced.

New Health 263 Managing director Mr Isaac Matinho said they have over 1000 service providers sung their electronic claims switch boasting being the best in Africa.

He also vaunted of their system never having any faults.

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