More Than 300K Vaccinated In Mass Typhoid Vaccination Drive

A total of 318, 439 people from Harare’s high density suburbs were vaccinated against a target of 325 000 in the mass typhoid vaccine campaign which was rolled out over a period of eight days by the Ministry of Health and Child Care  (MoHCC) through support from partners.

By Michael Gwarisa

The vaccination campaign which ended today (07/03/2019) was conducted in Glenveiw, Mbare, Budiriro, Kuwadzana, Mufakose, Hopely, Dzivarasekwa, Glen View, Glen Norah, Mufakose and Hatcliff.

In an Interview with HealthTimes, Director for Epidemiology and Disease Control in the ministry of health, Dr Portia Manangazira said the vaccination campaign was a huge success.

“Yes we are happy that the Typhoid Vaccination was was a success. We manged to vaccinate at least 318, 439 people in eight suburbs in Harare. We had targeted to vaccinate 325, 0000 residents. In Mbare our coverage was 72 percent,” she said.

The vaccination was informed by the City’s disease and epidemiology status. Around one in five cases in Harare are estimated to be resistant to the antibiotic ciprofloxacin – the first line of defense against the disease – with an alarming 73% resistance reported in certain areas. With drug resistant genes circulating, there is a risk that resistance could grow.

The campaign managed to cover an administrative target of 85.4 percent. This vaccine was targeting areas which are hardest hit by the Typhoid. In Mbare,  where the disease has impacted adult populations, the campaign  target children as well as adults up to 45 years old.

SOURCE: Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC)

“Let me also say that the response was very positive, from the places we went to, the response was overwhelming.  Let me also add that these were painless injections and the response was very positive from the young ones.”

Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign is three phased and will soon be expanded in other parts of the country up a until a time when the country’s water and sanitation situation returns to normal. The first phase targeted eight Harare suburbs, then the second one will be rolled out throughout Harare then the third one will see the rest of the country where cases of Typhoid have been reported before receiving the vaccine.

Health and Child Care Minister, Dr Obadiah Moyo however said more information and detail will be revealed tomorrow at the Press Conference.






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