Misplaced Priorities: One Month No Electricity In Maternity Wards….Institution Paints Walls

PARIRENYATWA management have ignored an electrical fault which occurred after an inferno engulfed part of the wards last month, forcing the institution to switch off power for the maternity division,  a situation which has been blamed for the rise in mortality and accidents in the maternity wards.

By Michael Gwarisa

Even though the institution successfully runs a Kangaroo ward where mothers of premature babies are monitored as they naturally warm up their babies through cuddling, the absence of power in the maternity department has worsened the situation as babies are being born either deformed or dead.

In emotional plea to government to address the horrific state of affairs at Parirenyatwa Hospital, Pediatrician, Dr Azza Mashumba said the hospital management was busy painting the walls of Mbuya Maternity division while the situation inside the building was grotesque.

“There is no urgency at all, this fire happened on second of February 2019 but they are painting the outside. How is that important, how is that going to help at all. There is just no urgency at all.

“We are trying so hard, we have tried coming up with contingency plans but nothing is moving,” said Dr Mashumba.

In defense however, Parirenyatwa Hospitals Chief Executive Officer, Mr Thomas Zigora said painting of the wall was being done by a well-wisher and they were also looking into solving the electrical fault.

” A well wisher approached saying they want to paint the walls of the Martenity wards. It is not the hospital that’s doing it.

“As for the electrical fault, we are sure very soon it would have normalized as we have already started work on it.”






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