Bring the most injured Cyclone Idai survivors, says Avenues Clinic

AVENUES Clinic says it is ready to assist Cyclone Idai victims who need delicate surgery .

By Kuda Pembere

Avenues Clinic Corporate Communications officer, Mrs Cordellia Shereni, says this is their way of giving assistance to those who desperately need it.

“The Avenues Clinic is the only facility in the country that is equipped and resourced to handle these major injuries and efforts are still ongoing to identify more cases of those critically injured. The clinic is also appealing to those who might know of such cases of Cyclone Idai survivors to contact the Avenues Clinic Corporate Affairs Office, which is co-ordinating the treatment efforts, to get the acutely injured into theatre. As Avenues Clinic this is our way of giving back to society in the face of the devastating Cyclone Idai,” Mrs Shereni says.

The Avenues Clinic has also identified another case of a man who dislocated his neck during the cyclone and are coordinating efforts so that he get goes into theatre soon for a corrective procedure.

The clinic Then Avenues Clinic heard of Tapiwa Makururu’s plight and offered to have him transferred from Mutare General Hospital to Harare under the care of Dr Mageza and his team who agreed to operate on him for free.

The Avenues Clinic spearheaded sourcing of funding for the patient’s implants which were needed to carry out the procedure, and For Life donated them. Avenues Clinic offered its state-of-the-art facilities, drugs and sundries and Tapiwa was operated on successfully on the 26th of March.

Tapiwa suffered pelvic fracture and combined hip injury which needed a two to three-hour double surgery to be done to correct the damage to his bones.

“The pain was excruciating, and I was fast losing hope,” he says.

The 29-year-old policeman stationed in Marondera had gone to take his ailing mother to hospital.

He cried out for help, and fortunately, some people from a nearby village came to his rescue taking him to a nearby church where people were flocking while trying to find assistance.

“It is at this church when I heard the news that six my family members, including my mother, sisters, brother and uncles had been found dead, all buried in the mud. I was just lying there with an aching heart unable to move while my family were buried in a mass grave,” he says.

His family is among the 560 lives claimed by the tropical cyclone.

To contact the Avenues Clinic Corporate Affairs Office, call Mrs Cordellia Shereni on 0719 743 867.

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