Cyclone Kenneth To Hit Zimbabwe Tonight

THE Ministry of Local Government and Public Works has issued a warning over an impending tropical Cyclone Kenneth which is set to hit most parts of Zimbabwe tonight around 18:00 hours.

By Michael Gwarisa

Director Civil Protection Department in the ministry, Mr Nathan Nkomo said contrary to earlier reports that the cyclone would only hit Mozambique and Tanzania, indications are that the Cyclone is projected to hit some parts of Zimbabwe  which include Gokwe, Mt Darwin,  Chimanimani, Chipinge, Masvingo, Mutoko, Mbire, Mzarabani, Nyanga and Mzarabani.

“Another cyclone, Cyclone Kenneth, is projected to hit Mozambique,Malawi and some parts of Zimbabwe has been sighted in the Comoros Island facing this direction. It is projected that the cyclone will be in the region around 18:00 hrs on 25 April, 2019. The trajectory of this impending catastrophe has been given by our early warning units, the Met service department and whose model projections are also supported by those given  by SADC.

“Drawing huge lessons and experiences from the unprecedented destructive behavior of the recent Cyclone Idai, all our people mostly those living in the flood prone areas of Mbire, Muzarabani, Nyanga, Low lying areas pf Masvingo province, Chimanimani, Chipinge, Mutoko, Mudzi, Gokwe north, are being advised to be on high alert,” said Mr Nkomo.

He added that the CPU  and Met Department will be closely monitoring the situation at an interval of every three hours following indications that the country is going to receive above normal rainfall which could result in flooding and destruction of property or even loss of lives.

“Given this strong and urgent warning, all provincial administrators, district administrators, chief executive officers and town clerks as well as our traditional leadership structures are instructed to activate their committees in preparation to respond to the effects of Cyclone Kenneth in the event that it degenerates into a natural calamity.”

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