Blood Donors To Book Online says NBSZ

THE National Blood Service of Zimbabwe (NBSZ), is revamping its website in a manner which will see blood donors making donation bookings online starting June 2019.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

This was said by NBSZ Public Affairs Manager, Ms Esther Massundah during a media education workshop on Friday. Keeping up with latest global technological trends, NBSZ is upgrading its website which Ms Massundah said will be centred on the blood donor.

“In terms of the issue of online booking, one of the issues is that we are currently rebranding our website. We are going to be in line with the current marketing trends. If we look at other blood services in European countries, you are able to do your booking for donation online. That is one of the things that we want to do so that donors can interact. The website is going to be very blood donor centred so that donors are able to interact on that platform.

“They are able to find the information they want on that platform. And also to any stakeholder, they are able to find necessary information that they want because we are also going to be profiling our different services and the organisation. So our website by having people booking online, this makes it easier for us to plan,” she said.

She also said donors and recipients’ experiences will be shown on the platform.

“People will be able to navigate and get necessary appropriate information. We also want people to share their stories. Their testimonies. What it is to be a blood donor.  What it is to be a recipient? How receiving a blood transfusion has saved your life,” said Ms Massundah.

The new-look website is expected to be running by June 17. “We are looking at doing the launch for the website on June 14, in time for June 14 but by 17 June it would have gone live,” said Ms Massundah.

Meanwhile, the organisation is expecting Sudanese visitors soon. “NBSZ will be hosting a delegation that is coming from Sudan to come and familiarize and understand the way that we do our operations in Zimbabwe. The program is going to be very well structured. We are in the process of having discussions with their office in Sudan. So it will be looking at all aspects, all areas of national blood service. We will be looking at Laboratory side, the recruitment side, the operational side, the corporate marketing side.

“How things are basically handled so that they also come up with well-coordinated blood program within their respective country. One of the things Zimbabwe has taken pride of is that we have trained many countries to set up set up blood banks in Africa. So by coming to us they are coming to experts.

“We have that capacity and they will also be going out to look at how we do our blood collection, how we recruit people so that they come up with strategies that they can use to improve their programs in their respective countries. So this is something we are encouraged to do within the region, within Africa,” said the NBSZ spokesperson.

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