‘Online Renewal Of Nurses’ Certificates Next Year’

THE Nurses Council of Zimbabwe intends to have nurses renew their practicing certificates digitally next year, an official said.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Speaking to journalists after a Health Committee hearing, NCZ Chair Dr Lillian Dodzo said they were charmed with the Kenyan Nurses Council’s modus operandi when they visited the country.

“It started sometime when nurses’ council participated at the EXACOM conference which is a council for nurses in central and southern Africa. Then when we were in kenya we said to ourselves that maybe we should visit the Kenya nursing council to see what they are doing. So we learnt it from Kenya that they have the registration of the student nurses and also the student indexing that they even register the students before they complete,” she said.

She said they have engaged a local consultant named HITRAC on the new digitized system.

“So when we went there and came back we thought maybe its good for us as nurses council. So last year we sent a team including our IT person so that they understudy Kenya nursing council. So now we have engaged a consulted who is working with us so that all renewals, almost all transactions from nurses’ councils should be done online and even registration for examinations that we do it online,” she said. “We will be having this system by next year.”

She said they are one of the few councils in the Health Professions Authority that have decentralized their services. She said they have routine visits across the country’s major hospitals where they offer renewal services.

Dr Dodzo said it was unfortunate that there are some nurses who come just before the deadline to renew their practicing certificates which cost ZWL$34, 50 annually.

She said the disorderly conduct of coming late for renewals has made them look into online registration.

Dr Dodzo said student indexing will be part of the digitization project as well.






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  1. Odrie Pondwa

    I have not received my certificate

  2. Manyande Auxillia

    Still waiting for my practising certificate from nurses council

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