NBSZ Honors Outstanding Blood Donors and Corporates

THE National Blood Service of Zimbabwe (NBSZ) has awarded blood donors and corporates for their resilience and continued support to the national call of ensuring the blood bank is adequately stocked.

By Michael Gwarisa

Speaking at the Blood Donor and Corporates Awards in the capital Harare, NBSZ Board Chairman, Advocate Rodgers Matsikidze applauded the blood donors for their voluntary sacrifice.

This occasion is basically an occasion where we are trying to appreciate what I call sacrifice, what I call loyal service, what I call life saving commitment and what I call an act of love. We are here ladies and gentlemen to share love with those people who have shown that they can love beyond their families, they can love beyond their bodies, they can love beyond their pocket.

“You see them trickling  and walking in every day and every month, every two months and every three months coming to our centres at Joina City and also here at Mazowe branch just to ensure that someone out there gets the precious liquid called blood,” said Advocate Matsikidze.

He added that Zimbabwe has managed to consistently supply and maintain adequate blood stocks even after demand for the precious liquid surged following government’s announcement of the free blood initiative in July 2018.

“We have been able to maintain collections that are adequate to cater for private and the public sector without any shortages. That can only happen we have got a committed team of blood donors who are selfless and its happening in Zimbabwe.”

NBSZ Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Radhi Chikwereti also acknowledged the selfless support from both blood donors and corporates for investing towards ensuring the process of blood collections and donations always goes smoothly.

[pullquote]“Today we are gathered here to commemorate World Blood Donor Day through honoring blood donors who have excelled in their blood donation journey. A journey that is not easy but is marked by commitment and dedications to saving lives.[/pullquote]

“We are also here to honor corporates that have been a pillar of support to NBSZ in this harsh economic environment and we cherish the partnership. Through this awards ceremony, we hope to motivate you to further challenge others out there to follow your shining example that we celebrate today,” said Mr Chikwereti.

He added that blood donation is a voluntary act and the blood that is donated is invaluable and can never be measured or rewarded in monetary terms. Meanwhile, some of the coporates which were honored include Delta Beverages, National Social Security Authority (NSSA) Zimbabwe, ZIMPAPERS among a host of others.

“Thus, the awards are not in any way a mode of payment or rewarding you equivalent to your donation but a form recognition of your contribution in saving lives. I cannot put a cost on the precious drops of blood that you have given and we would like to thank you once again for your valuable donation.”

One of the longest saving blood donors, Glynis Jermyn who has to date made 248 blood donations expressed gratitude for her recognition as the highest female blood donor in Zimbabwe.

“I would say i became a donor by chance because I was running around back then in Bulawayo because I was teaching in Bulawayo and my sister who was in Chiredzi came to Bulawayo and said to me, lets go and give blood and from then, I was introduced to donating blood.

“When I got transferred from Bulawayo to Harare I continued giving blood. I had cancer last year so I can’t continue giving blood. I so much wanted to reach the 250 mark but unfortunately I can’t make it now,” said Jermyn.



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