ZIMRA Scraps Sanitary Wear Duty

THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has scrapped duty on sanitary wear products for women in a bid to cushion girls and women against the skyrocketing prices of sanitary wear products.

By Michael Gwarisa

In an interview with HealthTimes, ZIMRA Head Corporate Communications, Mr Francis Chimhanda said the initiative was effected in December last year and  importations which occurred on or after 7 December 2018 to 20 November 2019 do not attract duty.

Duty and VAT are not payable on sanitary wear, being tampons, sanitary towels and other sanitary wear products for use by women. What this means is that these can be imported duty free. The requirement to the importer is to however, make a correct declaration as to the nature of the goods, the values, and origin as provided for in the Customs and Excise Act. Supporting Customs documents are still required despite the fact that the sanitary wear is duty free.

“Yes. Statutory Instrument was promulgated on 07 December 2018. This means that importations on or after 7 December 2018 to 20 November 2019 do not attract duty,” said Mr Chimhanda.

He also added that there is a statutory instrument in place which provides for the importation of sanitary wear raw materials duty free.

“Statutory Instrument 161 of 2016 (attached) provides for the importation of raw materials for use in the production of sanitary wear by registered manufacturers. The effect of the SI is to suppress the duty due on the raw materials. So effectively, the registered manufacturer will be importing the raw materials duty free.

“Any products not specified in Statutory Instrument 264 of 2018 attract duty and will depend on the tariff classification and the rate of duty.”

However, prices of sanitary wear are still going up at the same pace as that of basic goods and services despite the presence of statutory instrument 264 of 2018 which allows manufactures to import products duty free.

Efforts to get comments from local manufactures were fruitless as they had not responded to our questions by time of publishing.

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