200 Chinese Doctors Dispatched To Zim Since 1985

CHINA has to date brought about 200 Chinese specialist doctors to Zimbabwe since 1985 to support local medical personnel.

Economic and Commercial Counsellor at the Embassy of China to Zimbabwe Mr Chen Ning said this at the reception of ten Chinese specialists who arrived over the weekend.

“In 1985, the government of china started sending its medical teams to Zimbabwe. At the moment nearly 200 doctors as medical teams have been sent to Zimbabwe,” he said.

Since 1963, the Chinese government has so far brought 30 000 of its doctors to  Africa that have served over 300 million, according to Mr Ning.

He also proposed there be some arrangement for doctors to work at the just completed Mahusekwa Hospital to be handed over to Government soon.

“Secondly I also checked the hospital. At the moment there is nearly no doctors there. Only nurses. So that is why I also made my proposal to your government to quickly arrange for these doctors for that hospital. Otherwise, we the Government of China provide with these equipment sleeping soundly there. If sleeping one year, if sleeping three years with time that is a waste. That is why we hope the government of Zimbabwe should arrange doctors for that hospitals,” said the Counselor.

Mr Ning also proposed that the visiting doctors be involved in the tutoring of Zimbabwe’s medical students.

“Maybe later we could have a cooperation with the medical institutes or medical schools of Zimbabwean universities. Why? With the doctors here not only provide the services in the hospitals and also use their support to provide or to train more and more young doctors for Zimbabwe. Young energetic fresh doctors for Zimbabwe. So from these 10 doctors maybe we could have the 90 doctors in the future,” he said.

Health Ministry’s Curative Services Director Dr Sidney Makarawu said some of the specialist doctors would fill in the gaps in terms of expertise and research for Zimbabwean hospitals.






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