Gvt To Declare Missing Cyclone Idai Victims Dead

GOVERNMENT is in the process of declaring missing Cyclone Idai persons dead, amidst numerous futile efforts by government and rescue teams to locate the missing individuals’ whereabouts,  a government official has said.

By Michael Gwarisa recently in Chimanimani

This was said by the Acting Provincial Development coordinator for Manicaland, Mr Edgars Seenza during the belated World Blood Donor Day commemorations at Biriri High School in Chimanimani.

Let me extend my condolences to the people of Chimanimani for having gone through such a tragic time where several lives were lost and houses and roads were destroyed. I want to thank you all for working hard to assist each other during the trying times even at a time when rescuers and help could not reach these parts due to bad weather.

“We lost several lives and up to date, we have not even been able to locate some of the missing persons. Let me at this juncture say government is in the process of declaring the missing persons dead,” said Mr Seenza.

He however added that under civil protection laws, government should at least take five years before declaring missing persons dead.

“Declaring missing persons dead is usually not a rushed decision, according to civil protection laws, government is allowed to declare missing persons dead at least after five years. However, the same law give veto powers to the minister of local government, public works and national housing to reduce the time-frame to one they see fit.

“A number teams went on the ground to try and ascertain who the missing persons are. Government and the district civil protection committee also did the same.”

Meanwhile, government revealed in April that that at least  500 people had died while 300 people  were unaccounted for.



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