Harare Nurses Get Neonatal Management Training

NURSES at Harare Central Hospital on Tuesday received neonatal management training with much focus on ventilation and jaundice.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

The workshops seek to enhance the nurses’ knowledge on neonatal ventilation and jaundice management. This was the first of three trainings conducted by Germany headquartered medical equipment manufacturer Drager organized by PCD Diagnostics.

These workshops are a follow up on the donation of phototherapy lights to the country’s state owned institutions as most nurses and or doctors still need the knowledge gap filled on operating the machines.

PCD Diagnostics has been sending nurses and doctors to Drager’s offices South Africa since 2017 on neonatal management with this year bringing the experts for knowledge impartation in Zimbabwe.

“PCD Diagnostics are representatives of Draeger in Zimbabwe. Today we are hosting a neonatal and jaundice management workshop in Zimbabwe. As you remember last time when we donated phototherapy machines we hosted this event in South Africa, and we promised a follow through event in Zimbabwe. And this is what we are doing,” PCD Diagnostics Manager Mr Leroy Mugova said in an interview.

The three day workshop ends on Thursday.

“Today we are starting with Harare Hospital. Tomorrow we will be at Parirenyatwa Hospital and then on Thursday we are going to be ending it up at Avenues Clinic,” he said.

Upon getting the equipment, most hospital nurses and or junior doctors have challenges in using and cleaning them. Often times they wait for their superiors.

“So basically we are trying to impart knowledge to our junior doctors or nurses so that they know exactly how to take care of kids given the practical situations so that can make solutions when facing challenges,”  Mr Mugova said.

Practical demonstrations on handling respiratory complications and jaundice management and screening on neonates were done. The procedures will be replicated at other hospitals.

“So basically what we are trying to achieve is to impart more knowledge on neonatal management and jaundice management to our doctors and nurses in Zimbabwe. Its always nice when you supply equipment then you follow through with professional and practical demonstrations,” he said.

Marketing Manager for Respiratory Care for Drager Middle East and Africa Margarita Singer was excited to learn about the Zimbabwean neonatal ventilation settings.

“This is my first time in Zimbabwe and Im excited because I am very curious to see different environments and different settings. From This workshop, I really want to make sure that all of the participants understand the basics of mechanical ventilation because this is one of the most complex topics and we are as I mentioned at the beginning of my lecture we are in the same field and we are trying to reach the same goal.

“We as manufacturers and clinicians are trying to save babies. What we would like to achieve is that by doing this lecture, I’m showing different ways on how we can reduce mortality and reduce morbidity of the babies. How we can ensure positive clinical outcome for babies without limiting to a single therapy mode but offering different therapy types. So my expectations is that after this lecture people feel more comfortable and more confident in saying I understand how to treat this baby. I know how to reduce mortality. I know how to reduce morbidity. So if that happens I will be very, very happy,” she said.

Nurses were left drooling for more of the lectures begging the experts to extend the duration.

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