Why You Should Never Use Your Boyfriend’s Towel

DID you know that boys or young men before they marry or settle down, are the filthiest creatures on this planet? Yes you heard right. Women have some hard work panel beating other people’s sons out there.

By Michael Gwarisa

Unlike women, men do not keep a journal or list of what they should wear throughout the week. It just happens. Beneath every men are hidden filthy secrets most ladies will die without even knowing. It is public secret that men can go for a week without changing their underwear.

You might have heard of incidences whereby some folks visit the gents only to come out without a pair of stockings they would have gone in wearing. You might be wondering what could have happened to the pair of stockings right? Yep, your guess is as good as mine.

Sharing towels is not love, it’s disgusting and gross. Women have a towel for almost every body part. They got face towels, drying towels, body towels, and towels for other things.

Here is a few reasons why you should never share your towel with your boyfriend or anyone.

  1. Towels as multipurpose objects

With boys and men, a towel can do almost anything. Guys are not that patient and they can grab anything close by to do any job. Men use the same towel to dry from top to bottom. It’s a one towel does all approach. The same towel washes the body, dries the face, body and even the behind. You definitely wouldn’t want to use a towel which has wiped somebody’s behind would you?

  1. Men Don’t Wash Towels Regularly

In Zimbabwe, I don’t know about other countries, women make it a habit that after using a towel, they thoroughly wash and dry it in the scorching sun so as to get rid of any bacteria or germs the towels might have attracted during its tenure in the bathing room. Well for guys, that’s not usually the case, soon after bathing, they hang the towel in the shower and that’s it.  Bacteria such as staph infection bacteria can live on the towel for a few hours, days, or even months. This is probably longer for a towel, since it has the ability to retain moisture and other bacteria, too. At times towels used by men end up developing this slippery like texture on the fabric’s surface.

  1. You Risk Getting Skin Infection

When you dry off with a towel, your own bacteria accumulates on the towel. If your boyfriends has a skin infection like Ringworm fungus, these can be transferred to your skin by anything that could have rubbed off your boyfriend’s skin. This goes both ways. It even gets worse. According to dermatologists, Infections such as warts, which are caused by a viruses, or folliculitis which look like angry red bumps can be spread through sharing rowels and getting antibiotics to treat these is very difficult. Bacteria spread through shared towels can enter the body through pores, cuts, sores, and wounds.  It is however recommended that you change your towels at least once a week, hang them to dry in an open space, and never share them with anyone not even family members.

  1. Men Keep Their Towels In The Bathroom

The bathroom seems like the most convenient place to keep our towels isn’t it. Both men and women are guilty of this crime. Bathrooms are damp and moist and in the process breed mould and mildew. These are difficult to remove from the towels and they end developing bad smells.








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