Save Life Launches Medical Aid Product for the Elderly

A new medical aid product called Save Life Medical Aid Fund, has introduced a cross cutting medical aid facility which will provide cover to all ages including the elderly above the of 65.

By Michael Gwarisa

Save Life Medical Aid director, Dr Brighton Chireka said the new product would bridge the huge health insurance gap rampart in Zimbabwe considering that only 10% of Zimbabweans have medical aid cover while the remaining 90% do not.

Most medical aid products available in the country have closed doors on the elderly, making it difficult for them to access treatment and quality healthcare.

Most of the medical aid fund are not accepting any one who is above the age of 65. At Save Life Medical Aid, we are happy to say that we have worked with our underwriters and can cover our elders.

“What is of interest in Zimbabwe is that we got 10% of the people in Zimbabwe on medical aid and 90% of the people are not on medical aid. You might have noticed that each time you want to be admitted at any private hospital they ask for cash up front,” said Dr Dr Chireka.

He added that the medical aid company was formed two years ago and is linked to Belvedere Medical Centre.

“We are working on that product and the reason why we formed the product is because we are linked to a hospital.

“So you don’t have to worry about you or your loved one not getting admitted because the Hospital is a partner in this product. What this means is that you will get admitted to Belvedere medical centre without any problems that’s a guarantee that we can give you and we are working with other hospital so that you can have a choice and you can go to any hospital you want.”



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