Digital Nurse Recruitment Goes Live

THE electronic recruitment of aspiring nurses in Zimbabwe to curb racketeering in schools of nursing is now up and running with advertisements expected to come out on Sunday.
By Kudakwashe Pembere
In the past, nurses would apply using application letters which saw some hospital officials manipulate the process and cash in large sums of money from desperate ambitious nurses.
Speaking to journalists at the Harare Central Hospital on Friday, Health and Child care Minister said they came up with this initiative following corruption issues linked to the application of places for nurse recruitment. The application form is found on the Health Ministry’s website.
“We saw it fit to have this online application for nurse recruitment upon observing how people were duped their money by people who called themselves agents to Hospitals or Schools of Nursing. It was a con as these people would cash in over USD2 000 per person.
“We would also notice that in these recruitment shams, one person working at the hospital would have 40 people itching to get that place getting money from them.
“For example, if one had say the 40 or 45 people, he or she would collect about USD 90 000 yet there was no guarantee to get the placement,” said the Health Minister.
The Health Minister said they are working with Chinhoyi University of Technology which is actually utilizing the system.
“Zimbabwe is very IT linked so people will be able to apply online easily especially now that there are Community Information Centres where our population in remote areas can go and apply. No one will be left behind. Everyone will submit their application and the application will be considered in a manner which is in fact to the advantage of the applicant,” Dr Moyo said.
Nurses Council of Zimbabwe board chairperson Dr Lillian Dodzo in an interview with HealthTimes welcomed the move expected to quell corruption in nurse recruitment in Zimbabwe.
“It is a welcome move to us as a regulatory body because we have been concerned about allegations on lack of transparency in recruitment of nurses.The electronic recruitment will give equal opportunities for all candidates willing to train as nurses and the interviews will be conducted by interviewers from different institutions which will address the issue of bias.This will also relieve pressure on the nurse tutors since applications are done electronically as well as shortlisting for interviews,” she said.
She said this tallies with their automation of applications and renewals of practicing certificates of nurses.
“This development is in line with the project that NCZ is working on and the project is about introducing an online system for all applications for registrations by nurses and renewal of practising certificates with effect from Jan 2020.
“NCZ is also introducing a program called “student indexing” where all candidates enrolled into nurse training will be entered into the student register as soon as they start training and this will help in identifying those who apply to train as a nurse for a second time or more after having trained at a different school and failed the final state examinations,” said Dr Dodzo.

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