Crippling Doctors Strike Looms

DOCTORS have warned government to review their earnings according to the prevailing interbank market rate which is pegged at 8.7% or risk another industrial action which could cripple the health sector.

By Michael Gwarisa

This comes at the back of erosion of doctors and civil servants salaries by inflation which is currently hovering above 176% according to June inflation rates.

In a letter written to the Health Services Board (HSB) by Dr Peter Magombeyi on behalf  the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA), he indicated that doctors were now incapacitated and could no longer offer their services.

Over the past few months, prices of basic goods and services have been rising astronomically with no changes in the basic income of civil servants. The cost of living has increased more than tenfold and yet salaries have been reviewed by less than 10% with meagre cushioning allowances which can barely suffice to purchase one basic food basket.

“Members are struggling to meet the cost of basic needs i.e food and shelter let alone clothing and healthcare. Forget sending our kids to school and paying our bills,” said Dr Magombeyi.

He added that they have been patient with the employer but the patients has since run as they have also exhausted their financial resources trying to cushion themselves from the prevailing economic mess.

“It is against this background that we the ZHDA representatives hereby notify you that we have conducted nationwide consultations and the following concerns have been raised. We have been subsidising the employer by going to work every day on our little savings and or borrowed funds.

“Our living conditions have become a health hazard and mental depressant to both us and the patients. Negotiations between government the Health Apex have been slothful is anything in addressing our concerns.”




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